Dr. Phil in Vegas: ‘We are very much at risk right now for a recurrence’

LAS VEGAS (KRON) — Talk show host and psychologist Dr. Phil spoke to KRON4’s sister station KLAS in Las Vegas about the nation’s deadliest mass shooting that happened just days ago.

As people try to make sense of the tragedy, Dr. Phil says that there’s no way a rational mind could reason through such an evil act.

“We’ll obviously this is something normal people have a hard time wrapping their head around,” Dr. Phil said. “What causes this? Without an autopsy right know we don’t know. Did he have a tumor in his brain the size of a baseball…or was this someone that just decides that he is going to leave a mark on this world of evil like nobody ever has before, we don’t know…but you can’t make sense out of nonsense.”

“He basically set up a killing field. Got a high vantage point, with unlimited automatic fire power, and just indiscriminately started killing people,” he said.

“And for that to happen, on American soil, is really just mind boggling because, we’ve not, it’s not that just it get reported more with the internet. This is happening more frequently. And it just doesn’t… I mean it just doesn’t make sense. The significance that it happened in Las Vegas, it’s just people coming from all over the world to come here. And so you get a cross section where it touches every part of the United States and every part of the world,” Dr. Phil continued.

He also warned mass tragedies such as these can often be contagious.

“There is clearly a contagion effect for these types of things. We see it in two particular areas. One is suicide. If a suicide happens and it gets glamourized in the media, we see an uptick. We see this contagion effect and copycat occurrences, and when you have this kind of violent act that gets so much coverage, it brings out these extremists, these unstable individuals that are likely to replicate this sort of thing,” Dr. Phil said.

He continued, “So I think we are very much at risk right now for a recurrence of this type thing in the near future, not just in the United States but in other places as well.”

He also said he has personally stayed at the Mandalay Bay dozens of times and looked out the window at the view below. He says to stand there now is chilling.

KLAS and WKRN contributed to this report



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