Fresno boy retrieving football killed by electrified fence

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Dozens of people mourned the loss of a 12-year-old boy who died Monday. Adrian Antunez was electrocuted by a fence at a Fresno apartment complex last week. On Tuesday evening, more than a hundred people of all ages paid their respects.

A community stunned. Children wondering how someone just like them died so suddenly as family and friends of 12-year-old Adrian Antunez comfort his heartbroken mother.

“When I see his room, it’s an empty room and also it’s empty in my heart. Because like I tell you, he was my first man,” said Antunez.

Antunez is reminded of what happened last Thursday at this very spot where she says her son went to go retrieve a ball stuck between a cinder block wall and a chain link fence before being electrocuted by a bare wire.

Adrian’s former teachers say they’ll miss seeing him get off the bus to pick up his little sisters.

“That’s what I’ll miss and him waving and walking along the fence, wanting to come back,” said Carolyn Backowski.

“He had such a personality that you just had to love him for everything that he did,” said Becki Anderson.

Both Backowski and Anderson now realize they won’t see Adrian again.

“You expect to see them grow up,” said Backowski.

Adrian’s former principal says some of her students were playing with the boy before he approached the deadly fence, witnessing everything.

“Even to the point where he was driven away by an ambulance,” said Ewing Elementary Principal Sandra Toscano.

An overwhelming wave of love takes over a site of tragedy. Adrian’s soccer coach and teammates come together to write heartfelt messages to their fallen goalie and dozens pray for a mother in mourning.

“He’s going to be always in my heart and always my son no matter what,” said Antunez.

City officials say the bare wire leading to Adrian’s electrocution was because of illegal wiring to power surveillance cameras installed without a permit or inspection. Code enforcement issued a citation to the property manager.



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