“I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it.” Stories of survival from Bay Area residents caught in Las Vegas massacre


FREMONT (KRON) — More stories of survival coming are coming to light Wednesday night from Bay Area residents caught in the Las Vegas massacre.

For one group of friends attending the country concert, they say they shared a common goal as they struggled to get to safety–to stay alive.

Dave Eastin works at Fire Station 9 in Fremont. His wife and friends were all at Sunday’s concert.

This group of friends is still sorting out how they made it through such madness. But one thing they all have in common was they were all were determined to live for their loved ones.

“Yeah, survival was our biggest key,” Eastin said. “That was really the only thing I had in mind.”

“Our kids, getting home to them, that was the main thing we kept saying…we got three babies at home. Just go.” Eastin’s wife Britni said.

Two couples, long-time friends, and Jacquelyne Lebon’s brother Tyler Woodman all attended. 

Tyler had begged his big sister to tag along to the Jason Aldean concert, so she was in charge of taking care of him, a responsibility she took to heart, especially when the chaos unfolded.

“It was about him,” Lebon said. “I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it.”

This is as the shots rained down.

Jacquelyne said she felt they were under attack in all directions.

The group jumped fences and broke free of the crowd to the strip where they eventually reunited.

Eastin tells KRON4 that his training helped him stay calm and zero-in on what needed to be done, but he said being in an active shooter situation was still a daunting situation and one he never thought he would face.



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