Las Vegas shooter worked for USPS and the IRS

(CNN)–Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock worked for the US Postal Service, IRS, and the Defense Contract Audit Agency, United States Office of Personnel Management records show.

Here’s where he worked, according to an OPM spokesperson:

  • July 1976 to January 1978: Letter Carrier, US Postal Service
  • January 1978 to February 1984: Internal Revenue Agent, Internal Revenue Service
  • February 1984 to September 1985: Auditing, Defense Contract Audit Agency

He also had several temporary appointments with the US Postal Service: June to September 1975, December 1975, and June to July 1976.

The spokesperson noted the spelling of the first name on some of OPM’s records is “Steven” Paddock, which differs from reports referencing “Stephen” C. Paddock. Birthdates and social security numbers for both spellings match to the same individual.

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