ONLY ON KRON4: Mother says daughter was locked out of East Bay school when she needed help


ANTIOCH (KRON) — After a second incident in two weeks at an East Bay middle school, at least one parent says administrators are not doing enough to protect her child.

This time, a mom says her daughter was in need of help and was locked out of school before the day was over.

It happened at Dallas Ranch Middle School in Antioch.

The parent KRON4 talked with says it was sometime around 1:30 p.m. so most kids were still on campus. She’s upset that school officials refused to let her daughter into the building after she was harassed.

Parents and students say the school bell had just rung.

“It was a short Wednesday, so we got out of class a little bit earlier than normal and then the bell rings,” student Anochiko Justin said. “Everyone just comes out of their class. There has to be about over 200 students coming out of class at once.”

Yokisho Justin says a classmate threw water, drenching her daughter. But a school official refused to let her daughter into the building when she asked for help.

“Approaching the school, I see that my daughter is being consoled with her friends,” Yoshiko said. “I see that she looked upset. I see that she’s drenched and covered with water. I go to the office, and true enough, there is a staff member blocking the door, and shooing students away.”

Parents say this is particularly concerning because last week, a student was brutally attacked after a teacher left the classroom.

“I said you are really locking the door with a key,” Yoshiko said. “Like these students out here. Things are going on. Clowning are coming and scaring children. There was someone being beat down last week. And you are locking the door and these kids are on your premises. If something was too happen, they need to be able to come into the office. That’s their safety haven. That’s where they need to be.”

KRON4 reached out to the school about the incident and the attack from last week.

We have not heard back.



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