Nerf gun prompts lockdown at Livermore college

LIVERMORE (KRON) — Police issued a shelter in place at Las Positas College in Livermore Wednesday after a report of an armed man on campus.

A faculty member alerted police after he saw what he thought was a rifle sticking out of the backpack of a student.

The school sent out an alert to students at 10:48 a.m. saying that there is an emergency situation and that they should shelter in place.

A KRON4 viewer said his daughter said she in hiding under a desk in her classroom.

Police responded and located the student in a classroom.

Officers found a Nerf gun toy on the student.

Officers were able to confirm with the reporting faculty member that the officers had identified the correct student and the Nerf gun that was mistaken for a rifle.

After speaking with the student, officers learned that the student brought the Nerf gun onto campus as a prop for an event unrelated to the school.

The student had no intention of disrupting the school or causing fear.

The shelter in place was lifted approximately 96 minutes after it was put in place.

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