VIDEO: Fleet Week sailors, Marines visit sick kids at UCSF Children’s Hospital


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Some sick children in San Francisco got their own personal dose of Fleet Week.

On Wednesday, sailors and Marines made a visit to patients at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

A couple of Marines helped a 10-year-old patient take the classic game of battleship in an imaginative direction.

It’s a welcome distraction to one child’s daily reality of being hooked up to an IV.

Meanwhile, a sailor got a pretend examination by a young make-believe doctor, who’s playing there while his sibling is being treated at UCSF Benioff’s Children’s Hospital.

One parent says visits like these help her daughter feel better.

“It changes her moods. It changes her for the day,” mother Jennifer Kirk said. “She’s happier and friendlier and more outgoing.”

While this day of play is a great distraction for the patients at the hospital and their siblings, the servicemen and women say they get a lot out of it too.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to come and just to talk to these amazing kids,” Marine Cpl. Maria Lopez said. “They’re so adorable. They’re so cute. I’m really glad we’re able to do this with other Marines and the sailors.”

“Just doing this makes me feel like I’ve done more like for my country than just being at work,” Navy Sailor Tyler Fears said.

It’s a humanitarian mission for the littlest and most vulnerable, helping sick kids and their siblings get their mind off their troubles and back to the important work of being kids.



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