VIDEO: Las Vegas mass shooter may have rigged guns to shoot faster


COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Authorities say 12 of the rifles the gunman Stephen Paddock used to carry out the attack in Las Vegas has modified bump stocks, an attachment that allows a rifle to fire faster.

Law enforcement officials say Paddock rigged his guns with bump stock attachments that allowed him to fire bullets rapidly, mimicking an automatic firearm.

“For $400 you can have as close to a full automatic weapon without spending $20,000,” said Rex Gore, Owner of Black Wing Shooting Center.

Gore does not sell the attachment in his store. But says the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and a gun with a bump stock attachment, all that changes is pull of the trigger and amount of bullets dispensed.

“As the recoil of that round goes off, it rocks your hand back and forth which will trigger the trigger,” said Gore.

This attachment used on an AR-15 rifle, like the ones used in Las Vegas, can fire about 90 shots in 10 seconds, compared to a fully automatic weapon that can fire 98 shots in seconds.

Unlike full automatic weapons, bump stocks are not banned under federal law, allowing anyone the right to walk into a gun shop or with a swipe of a credit card purchase an attachment online.

Senior congressional Republicans said Wednesday they are open to considering legislation banning “bump stocks” like Paddock apparently used to effectively convert semi-automatic rifles into fully automated weapons.



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