VIDEO: Levi’s Stadium steps up security at Coldplay concert in wake of Las Vegas massacre


LAS VEGAS (KRON) — With those tragic images from Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting at a music festival still fresh in everyone’s minds, many places in the Bay Area are taking precautions and beefing up security to prevent that horrific night from happening again.

On Wednesday night, Coldplay is performing at Levi’s stadium and police in the area aren’t taking any chances with a strong presence inside and outside.

Thousands of people are at the concert. There’s also a very strong police and security presence.

Throughout the day Wednesday and into the evening hours, security was very tight in-and-around Levis’ Stadium.

Police from several local departments kept a watchful eye as people arrived at the concert.

Security guards with the stadium were also spread out watching for problems.

For security reasons, authorities are not saying exactly how many officers and guards are there Wednesday night.

Sources have told KRON4 that there are also spotters on several of the tall buildings around Levi’s Stadium.

Goers KRON4 talked with said they appreciated the extra security.

“Usually right after an event, security is the best, so I felt like it might even be safer than before,” Adam Jacobs said.

Coldplay fans also said they didn’t want to let the tragic events of this past weekend deter them from coming.

“I think that if you live in fear, it’s not really going to do anything for you,” Kristy Vicari said. “So, it’s just a matter of praying and being aware. But I wasn’t really concerned about it. I do think it has made me more heightened of my awareness. Of course, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Finally, there is a curfew of 10 p.m. in Santa Clara so the concert should let out before then.



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