VIDEO: Parents of SF officer’s wife killed in Vegas describe moment they learned she died

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Days after the Las Vegas mass shooting, the parents of a Bay Area victim is speaking out.

Stacee Etcheber, who lived in Novato and was married to a San Francisco police officer, was one of the 58 people killed.

The mother of two was at the Route 91 country music festival with her husband.

Now her parents are describing the moment they learned she did not survive.

Greg and Linda Rodriguez just got back from a trip they would give anything not to have had to take.

They went through quite a roller coaster ride as they tried to find Stacee in Las Vegas.

After checking all the hospitals, Stacee’s husband, Vinnie, reluctantly went to the morgue.

“He was able to get in to, personally get into the Coroner’s Office,” Greg said. “There was one Jane Doe left, he went and described her, told her about the tattoo on her neck. Guy went back, came back, says ‘no, she’s not here.’ So a lot of relief went in there, so but we had exhausted all the efforts. We were up to almost midnight going from hospital to hospital. And then Vinnie not wanting to do it said, ‘Get me back into the Coroner’s Office’ and we went back to the Coroner’s Office. We went into the office with the lady, sat down. Lady said to describe her. He said she has long brown hair, she has this tattoo of this creature on her back from a storybook.”

“Where the Wild Things Are…,” Linda explained.

“And the lady put her pen down and said I’ll be right back,” Greg continued. “She knew. She knew. She went back. She came back with a picture of Stacee and it was just– it’s heart-wrenching, it was really, really heart-wrenching.”

Nearly 500 people were injured in the shooting. A motive is still being investigated.



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