VIDEO: San Francisco District Attorney’s Office finds 3 police shootings were ‘legally justified’


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has released the summary of its investigation into three officer-involved shootings, including two that were deadly.

The focus of their investigation was to determine if the officers should be criminally charged.

They determined that all three shootings were legally justified. The most recent shooting happened this past May.

Police were responding to an armed robbery at a house near Quesada and Rankin Street, close to where Interstate 280 and Highway 101 connect.

Police say the armed robber shot at the officers. One of the officers fired back a single shot.

No one was injured.

Again, the district attorney ruled that the officer’s actions were justified.

In Oct. 2016, police received multiple calls of someone acting erratic and violent at Lakeshore Plaza near the zoo.

Police say Nicholas McWherter shot at an officer and ran off. About an hour later, police were shot at again. This time, they fired back, killing McWherter.

The district attorney is not filing criminal charges in this shooting.

And in Sept. 2014, officers were responding to a car crash at California and Battery streets.

Police say Giovany Contreras-Sandoval was armed and unwilling to exit the vehicle he had carjacked.

Witnesses say he fired at least one shot before police arrived.

Six officers shot and killed him for refusing to listen to their commands.

The district attorney says the officers acted in self-defense.



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