VIDEO: Wheelchair-bound Bay Area man who survived Las Vegas massacre speaks


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A now iconic photo of a stranger risking her own life to help a man in a wheelchair escape the Las Vegas massacre gunfire has gone viral.

That man is from the Bay Area. On Thursday night, KRON4 talked with him about his terrifying experience.

George Cook says he is lucky to be alive.

He says he didn’t want to sit in the wheelchair section at Sunday’s concert in Las Vegas.

So, he was front and center and that is when he says bullets started flying.

Cook describes chaos.

“Adrenaline and survival gear kicks in and you want to get somewhere safe,” Cook said.

He was the only person near the stage in a wheelchair.

“And I am sitting up like a sitting duck, all the people on the ground, and I had made the decision to stay in my chair as opposed to get down,” Cook said. “Of course, I couldn’t go anywhere at the time, you know. You’re just hearing the gunfire and then holding down, and in the lapses in between, you’ll sit up and try to come up with a game plan.”

That’s when the mother of a woman he had met two days earlier at the concert came to his aid.

“So she helped shuffle me through,” Cook said. “At first, people were lying down and people started got up and started leaving. She eventually pushed me to safety. I was very grateful. She was there and God knows what would have happened if she wasn’t.”

Cook has been in a wheelchair since 2000 following a spinal tumor.

He has owned this transmission shop in San Francisco for more than 30 years and is a single father of two young children.

“I hold on to my children tighter. I feel grateful to be here,” Cook said.

Cook says as terrifying as this experience was, he would likely go to the concert again if it’s put on next year.



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