Police: Las Vegas gunman had planned to escape

LAS VEGAS (KRON/CNN) — Police believe that gunman Stephen Paddock not only had an elaborate plan to carry out mass carnage, he also had a plan to try to escape.

Investigators now say they have a clearer timeline of just what happened Sunday night.

The shooting began three minutes earlier than thought, at 10:05 p.m., and lasted for ten terrifying minutes.

Newly released video shows victims fleeing along Las Vegas Boulevard, still in the line of fire.

32 stories up, at 10:17 p.m., the first police officers on the scene arrived in a hallway and found  security guard Jesus Campos shot in the leg.

Police say it’s this first interaction that suggests Paddock was not planning to die in his suite.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Las Vegas Metropolitian Police says Paddock planned to escape, but would not disclose any further details about the escape plan.

Police now say Paddock had barricaded the stairwell next to his door and set up an elaborate system to monitor the hallway, including more cameras than first thought.

There were two on this service cart, one in the door’s peephole, and another inside the room, police said.

They say when he saw Campos on a screen, he unloaded more than 200 bullets some through the door into the hallway.

“I believe because of his counter measures placed in the peephole and the hallway he observed the security guard and he was in fear that he was about to be breached,” Lombardo said.

At that point, police say Paddock stopped firing on the crowd.

The sheriff believes he turned his focus from killing, to getting away.

“So he was doing everything possible to figure out how he could escape at this point. His concern was personal concern, versus what was occurring down below him,” Lombardo said.

Paddock’s car was stocked with 1600 more bullets, and fifty pounds of tannerite, a chemical compound that could have caused large explosion.

From a room two floors above and just down the hall from the shooters, former Las Vegas SWAT team officer John Sheahan says he doubts Paddock could have ultimately gotten away.

“You’re either gonna commit suicide, you’re gonna die in a hail of gunfire with the police- you’re going to shoot it out with them and you’re going to be killed – or you’re going to continue on a pre-planned rampage, at locations B, C, D and E until the police finally stop you,” Sheahan said.

Sheahan describes the gunman’s setup as well-defended and carefully-planned, with a commanding view over the concert venue he targeted across the street.

His deadly preparations seen in crime scene photos leaked to the Daily Mail, which combine to show a panorama of rifles with bump stocks, stands, scopes, and stacks of ammunition.

Authorities now say the suite was not the only room Paddock booked.

Just a week earlier, paddock rented a room at the Ogden Condominium overlooking a music festival featuring Lorde and Chance the Rapper.

“Was he doing pre-surveillance? We don’t know yet,” Lombardo said.

A Chicago hotel overlooking the Lollapalooza concert also says in August someone named Stephen Paddock reserved a room during the festival, but he never checked in.

More details are also surfacing about Paddock’s  wealth.

His home in Mesquite, Nevada – about an hour and half from Las Vegas, was paid for in cash in 2014 for $369,000.

On the application Paddock said he earned his income by gambling – wagering about a million dollars a year.



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