In Studio: Air Force Captain ‘Shark’ talks Fleet Week

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A U.S. Air Force Captain is home from Afghanistan, and is participating in the 37th Annual San Francisco Fleet Week.

Captain David “Shark” Gill is on the Viper Demonstration Team, which is the Air Force unit that flies the F-16 in the air show.

Today he joined KRON4’s Marty Gonzalez in studio to talk about his experience.

As part of the ground personnel, Gill has an extremely important job.

He helps ensure the safety of the pilot by looking out for birds, planes, and other air traffic in the area.

Gill stays in constant radio communication with the pilot, who is likely flying at about 600 mph.

Gill comes from a long line of Air Force veterans.

His father and grandfather are both veterans, and his 9-year-old son already seems have interest in following in their footsteps.

As Fleet Week comes to an end Sunday, Gill has one more air show to supervise this afternoon.

To hear more about his Fleet Week experience and secen-month tour in the Middle East, watch the full interview above!



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