VIDEO: Cars stopped on Highway 12 toward Glen Ellen due to North Bay wildfires


SONOMA (KRON) — The road is closed past Highway 12 at Madrone Road due to the massive North Bay wildfire that has charred 70,000 acres and killed 10 people.

The fire had died down but appears to be growing again.

KRON4 was on the way to Glen Ellen but got stopped because they have blocked the road.

It’s not safe to go any further north of here, authorities said.

There are dozens of people parked along Highway 12 at Madrone just watching this all unfold.

Some people just live nearby and are trying to get a sense of whether they will be OK to stay or where they should leave their homes.

Others have been already been evacuated.

Most of those evacuated were told to leave their homes after midnight.

KRON4 spoke to people that say they don’t think they will have homes to return to.



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