VIDEO: Grocery store parking lot serves as meeting place for North Bay fire victims


NAPA (KRON) — In Napa, evacuees are wondering about their homes near Atlas Peak where the original fire began Sunday night at about 10 p.m.

That fire has grown beyond 25,000. Dozens of homes have already burned to the ground.

These friends and evacuees met up in a grocery store parking lot in Napa, consoling each other over fear of the unknown.

“We could see the blaze on the hills surrounding the highlands, both sides, both to the east and to the west,” fire evacuee Don Turner said.

Turner worries his house is a goner, but what makes things worse is that he just doesn’t know. He can’t get up the hill to see.

But if he did, his house might not be any better off than these.

“I felt blessed in that we’re safe and we’re healthy,” Turner said.

The huge fire, which Cal Fire says will have crews fighting it for weeks, also forced Edward Graziani’s father to evacuate.

“He called this morning and said, ‘Hey, I was evacuated. Can you tell me whether the house is still there?’” Graziani said.

He hasn’t been able to get a look either, but he knows some of his dad’s neighbors already lost their home.

“I think we’re gonna lose the house,” Graziani said. “I just gotta find him. He just lost–we just lost our mom.”

But finding his dad is hard, with no cell service and with WiFi only at hotspots like Starbucks.

Service providers say getting towers back up is a priority.

Meanwhile, Cal Fire has been getting help from agencies all over the state to attack the historic fire from all sides.



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