Napa grandmother missing in wake of North Bay wildfires

Facebook photo from Joy Moss Majich

NAPA (KRON) — A Los Angeles family is asking the Bay Area for help finding their grandmother in Napa.

90-year-old Lois McKelvey is missing after her family says she should have been evacuated during the fires.

Lois lives in the Silverado Springs complex in Napa on Troon Dr.

“We have tried everything to find her,” Joy Majich said in a Facebook post.

“My husband drove from Los Angeles to Napa and she is not at the evacuation centers,” she said.

Majich says she has spoken with the police department, who said they would perform a wellness check.

As they anxiously await to hear back from police Majich is asking the public to “PLEASE share and maybe we can find out if anyone knows where she might be.”

Majich says she is worried sick about her “Granny,” especially because she has trouble hearing and “doesn’t get around very quickly.”

Here is the original Facebook post:



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