VIDEO: NWS warns Bay Area residents of ‘unhealthy’ air quality

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The National Weather Service is warning Bay Area residents of “unhealthy” air quality due to fires.

As wildfires continue to ravage thousands of acres in the North Bay, smoke is spreading throughout the Bay Area.

The North Bay is experiencing “very unhealthy” to “hazardous” air quality while the San Francisco and parts of the East Bay are seeing “unhealthy” air quality.

NWS says they expect the bad air quality to last for the next couple of days.

The NWS is warning people to stay indoors and shut their doors and windows.

Contact your healthcare provider if you or someone in your care experience the following symptoms that may be related to excess smoke exposure include:

• Repeated coughing
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Wheezing
• Chest tightness or pain
• Palpitations
• Nausea or unusual fatigue
• Lightheadedness

Groups at Higher Risk for Illness Due To Smoke
Groups at greater risk of experiencing symptoms due to smoke include:
• People with respiratory disease (such as asthma)
• People with heart disease
• Young children
• Older adults

Follow these general precautions to protect your health during a smoke event:
– Minimize or stop outdoor activities, especially exercise
– Stay indoors with windows and doors closed as much as possible
– Do not run fans that bring smoky outdoor air inside – examples include swamp coolers, whole-house fans, and fresh air ventilation systems
– Run your air-conditioner only if it does not bring smoke in from the outdoors. Change the standard air conditioner filter to a medium or high efficiency filter. If available, use the “re-circulate” or “recycle” setting on the unit
– Do not smoke, fry food, or do other things that will create indoor air pollution
– Consider leaving the area until smoke conditions improve if you experience symptoms related to smoke exposure



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