VIDEO: Beltane Ranch winery goes up in flames in Atlas Fire


GLEN ELLEN, California (KRON) — The historic Beltane Ranch is just one of many wineries that have been scorched as wildfires tear a smoldering gash across wine country.

Beltane Ranch is engulfed in flames. The historic winery is located off Highway 12 near Nuns Canyon Road in Glen Ellen.

The ranch’s owner says some historic structures were lost but says luckily, most of the important buildings have been spared.

Some of the buildings have been there since the 1870s.

At least 11 have been killed and tens of thousands have been evacuated since Sunday when most of the fires started amid dry conditions and high winds.

As of Tuesday morning, the flames had scorched more than 115,000 acres and destroyed roughly 1,500 homes and businesses.

The wildfires also knocked out power to upwards of 91,000 customers.



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