VIDEO: Evacuated Napa family saves Soda Canyon home from burning in Atlas Fire, backyard burned

NAPA (KRON) — The Atlas Fire is still burning so much of Napa County.

Now, at more than 25,000 acres, Cal Fire says containment remains at 0 percent.

One-hundred-twenty-five structures have been destroyed. That number is expected to rise.

On Tuesday, Justin Lum with KRON4’s sister station KSEE spoke to one family who evacuated from an area that’s now unrecognizable.

Smoke is now everywhere in Soda Canyon.

For one family, this is home–reduced to rubble. And a husband and wife came back Tuesday searching for their belongings, prepared that everything could be gone. 

Arthur Garcia and his wife Mary Torres are searching for signs that remind them of home–in a place they almost don’t recognize.

As they walk through their property, smoke still lingers, and they remember what the Atlas Fire did on Sunday night.

“I can’t believe,” resident Mary Torres said. “We don’t have time for anything.”

Mary says her husband warned her to pack up and leave when the flames approached their home.

“It’s gonna come,” resident Arthur Garcia said. “Yeah, I thought it was gonna go.”

The family was ready to evacuate but Arthur stayed behind.

Arthur says he stood outside, fighting flames with a hose for about 2 hours. A storage shed that stood for more than 100 years is now gone.

Right next to it, there was a garage. Now, it’s all twisted metal, ash, and rubble.

The rest of the backyard is also destroyed.

Even the Chevy Arthur put so much time into restoring–it’s baby blue paint now melted away.

“So it’s hard to find these ones,” Garcia said. “Now, it’s gone.”

But Arthur’s efforts paid off in another way. He did end up stopping the flames.

Somehow, his home is here–untouched with no burns and saved.

“Yeah! I found my chicken,” Garcia said.

Arthur and Mary say they’ve lived here in Soda Canyon for 18 years and will continue to do so.

Right now, Arthur and Mary are staying in a mobile home with the rest of their family.

They’re not sure when they’ll be able to return to Soda Canyon Road, but they’re just grateful their home is still standing.



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