North Bay Firestorm: Atlas fire evacuations in Solano County

SOLANO COUNTY (KRON) — The Atlas Peak fire is forcing evacuations in Solano County.

Mandatory evacuations: Upper and Lower Green Valley.

Advisory evacuations: Eastridge Development.

A voluntary evacuation order has been issued for the Eastridge community. Residents on the west side of Interstate 80 should be prepared to evacuate if it becomes necessary.

An evacuation center is open at the Allan Witt Park Sports Complex.

Road Closures:

Solano County
Joyce Lane
Roads accessed by Twin Sister Rd
All roads west of Green Valley Rd
From mason Rd. to Valley End
Streets in Green Valley Estates
West of Green Valley Rd.
Suisun Valley Rd from Napa
County line to Rockville Rd.
Rockville Road from Suisun
Valley to Green Valley Rd.
Streets west of Green Valley Rd.
from mason Rd to Valley End
All streets of Green Valley Rd.
North of Rockville Rd.

Fairfield High School is accepting evacuees–28 beds are available.

Here is a map from the Solano County Sheriff’s Department.



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