North Bay Firestorm: Long lines for families to ride with law enforcement to check on homes


NAPA COUNTY (KRON) — Some evacuees were briefly allowed back into their homes on Wednesday to grab important personal items they left behind when they were rushed out.

Near a police barricade on Trancas Street, the line for families to catch a ride with law enforcement to check on their homes grew larger by the hour.

Some wanted to know if their homes were just still standing.

Retired architect Bob Nicol stood in line with his girlfriend and caretaker, struggling to find the words for how he felt, not knowing if his home was still up or had burned to the ground.

“Impossible to even decide what it is. Impossible,” Nicol said.

So much of Napa County has been leveled.

Several cars and other vehicles along Soda Canyon Road were destroyed.

This neighbor lost a lot, but it appears the house and pool are still in-tact.

And as Nicol and family were escorted up the mountain, fear of the worst crept into their minds as they passed by burned out fields and structures.

And, fortunately, by the time they reached the house, it was still there.

Despite being made of wood, there was no damage.

“I’m delighted,” Nicol said. “I thought for a minute I’d have to rebuild it, but now, I don’t have to.”

But the home may still be in jeopardy yet.

A spot fire grew quickly when KRON4 arrived at Nicol’s home, and it grew in the short time KRON4 stayed at his place.

It’s all part of the reality on the ground in that the conditions and situations change on a minute-by-minute basis.



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