North Bay Firestorm: Crews sift through rubble, looking for bodies killed in wildfire


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — It has been four days since the devastating North Bay firestorm.

Crews are now able to dedicate more of their time to the grim job of sifting through the rubble, looking for bodies.

With the missing person list topping 400 in Sonoma County, officials have warned that the death toll will likely rise.

On Thursday in Santa Rosa’s Bennett Valley, search and rescue teams are working to recover bodies.

Crews from three counties are digging through the rubble that remains of the Bennett Ridge subdivision.

KRON4 can tell you that so far, the remains of one person have been found on Thursday afternoon.

The address where the discovery was made is not being released because the family has not yet been notified.

Driveways on Bardy Road were blocked off with yellow tape when KRON4 was there this afternoon.

Investigators are looking to shorten the very long missing persons list.

Teams from Sonoma, Monterey, and Alameda County are using cadaver dogs and hand tools to dig through the rubble looking for remains.

They are starting with addresses where there is a very high likelihood that the residents did not make it out alive.

It’s grim but necessary work to help families worried about their loved ones get closure. It’s delicate and potentially dangerous work.

The teams are working with protective gear and using thermal imagery to look for hot spots.

They also watch for things like falling trees and power poles.

This operation will be painstaking and slow, and with so many people missing, this it could be weeks if not months before they are finished.



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