North Bay Firestorm: Difference between advisory, mandatory evacuation

This aerial photo provided by the California Highway Patrol Golden Gate Division shows some of hundreds of homes destroyed in a wind-driven wildfire that swept through Santa Rosa, Calif., early Monday, Oct. 9, 2017. (California Highway Patrol Golden Gate Division via AP)

SAN FRANCISCO(KRON)–There are two types of evacuations in place for some cities as wildfires in the North Bay spread.

North Bay officials have alerted residents in affected areas of either an advisory evacuation or mandatory evacuation. Here the difference between the two:

Advisory Evacuation

An advisory evacuation indicates that a fire has the potential to threaten an area in the near future. This gives residents time to remove their pets, livestock, large boats, RV’s and any other personal effects in an orderly manner.

Mandatory Evacuation

A mandatory evacuation is declared when a fire directly threatens a community and residents are placed in danger. You must leave the area immediately for you and your family’s safety

Please be advised that fire is unpredictable and the time frame between an advisory and a mandatory evacuation can change quickly.




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