North Bay Firestorm: Downtown’s Sonoma Square looks like ghost town


SONOMA (KRON) — People in Sonoma are still trying to make sense of all of the uncertainty.

The historic Sonoma Plaza looked like a ghost town on Thursday. Shops, restaurants, and hotels are closed, an eerie sight in Sonoma.

“There’d be kids playing on the swings, both swings, there’d be a lot of people walking around, there’s buses that come up here for tours, and the wine tasting rooms would be full,” Sonoma resident Jeff Stuhr said. “It’s just not the same.”

A largely empty downtown Sonoma, but for some local residents, there’s nowhere else to go.

A number of roads heading north of downtown Sonoma have been blocked off.

To the city’s east, helicopters were out Thursday circling smoking patches of land.

Many who were evacuated are staying at Sonoma Valley High School where they are being fed and helped.

Others like Joe Morovich from Glen Ellen, located just north of Sonoma, are staying with family.

Morovich was evacuated early Monday morning and has not been back to his house since.

“It’s a waiting game, you know, you can’t go to work you know and everybody’s, it’s not fun, it’s not fun,” Glen Ellen resident Joe Morovich said. “You try to do what you can. You evacuate who you can. I got my parents out yesterday afternoon. They’re down in Millbrae right now with family, and a lot of people are evacuating, a lot of friends. I know at least a dozen friends who lost their homes already. It’s something you don’t want to really live through.”

Morovich, a veteran, has been impressed by how this community has come together, caring for others who are evacuated in their time of need.

One place that has been a safe haven for many has been at Steiner’s Tavern in Downtown Sonoma.

They’ve stayed open serving local customers for days because sometimes, you just need a drink.



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