North Bay Firestorm: Coffey Park resident helps save part of mobile home park


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park neighborhood was destroyed in the North Bay firestorm.

There is major destruction there. But not everything is a total loss.

The destruction is vast, and they’ve found at least one body on Friday morning–and there could be more.

KRON4 spoke with a man who lives there, who actually helped save part of the mobile home park.

He’s a former firefighter and noticed the back side of the park could still be salvaged if only he could get help or a hose from active firefighters, which they gave him.

“He got me three more guys,” Priest Morgan said. “They went down on the other end. They worked their butts off. They saved that whole side, all the homes on that side. Some of these people haven’t come back yet because they think their homes are burned down. They’re still there! We don’t know how to tell them.”

These parts of the mobile home park are still standing:

• Sahara Street – backside facing Kaiser from one end to the other.
• Across the street from that, going back almost all the way to the laundry room is saved, though there are a few lost.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s search-and-rescue units are still out there trying to find any other bodies or remains.



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