North Bay Firestorm: One home before and after the fire

(KRON) KRON4’s Terisa Estacio is in Santa Rosa talking to victims of the Tubbs fire.

Terisa found one family that wants to thank police officers for saving their lives with minutes to spare before flames swept through their neighborhood.

Here is a below and after picture of the Zechowy family home.

In the same neighborhood police and cadaver dogs were searching through burned homes for victims that didn’t evacuate in time.

In Sonoma County the death toll is now at 18 and 32 statewide. Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano said there were 1,308 missing persons reports and 1,052 people were found safe. Another 256 people are still unaccounted for.

There are 45 search and rescue teams and 30 detectives targeting searches in burned areas, Giordano said.

You can search Santa Rosa neighborhoods to see if your home is safe by clicking here to see an interactive map.



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