VIDEO: Santa Rosa Vice Mayor warns evacuees not to return home

SANTA ROSA (KRON) — Santa Rosa is one of the areas hardest hit by the North Bay wildfires, and evacuees are eager to go check on their homes.

Vice Mayor of Santa Rosa, Jack Tibbetts, is telling residents to please wait.

He says all the areas of Santa Rosa that were under mandatory evacuation, “are still under mandatory evacuation.”

It is far too dangerous for residents to enter these fire-ravaged neighborhoods.

“Do not go back there,” Tibbetts warns.

He says countless down power lines, toxic air particles, and hot spots linger throughout the city.

A sudden change in wind could be devastating for those who return to the area.

Evacuees can check on their neighborhoods with this interactive map.

Tibbett also wants the public to know that there are 270 police patrol cars in the streets.

Authorities “are doing our best to keep it secure from looting and other threats,” Tibbetts said.


Tibbetts says the city’s biggest effort will be getting people back into their homes, and getting children back in school.

“We’re going to put a lot of energy into getting them repopulated,” he said.

Hopefully by the end of Friday, local assistance centers will be set up through out the city.

Here, people can get help filing insurance claims and getting connected with FEMA. 

City officials are also in communication with supervisors from Lake County, who are experienced in rebuilding after devastating fires.



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