North Bay Firestorm: Police have 300 unresolved missing reports

Smoke from the Tubbs Fire rises from the hills on October 11, 2017 in Santa Rosa, California.

SANTA ROSA (KRON)–Authorities say they are sorting 300 unresolved missing persons reports, but they don’t believe the death toll related to the wildfires in California will be anywhere near that number.

Napa County spokeswoman Molly Rattigan said investigators were trying to resolve 74 missing persons cases.

Sonoma County has about 220 unresolved missing person reports. Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Crum says most of the reports are from faraway friends and relatives, and the missing just hasn’t reached out to them yet.

A family that had been searching for a Santa Rosa couple since Monday said they finally found the pair Saturday.

Chrystal Couto said her grandmother, who doesn’t own a cellphone, had left voicemail messages to family members after she safely evacuated, but the messages were never received. Couto spent days distributing flyers of the missing couple at evacuation centers.

She said her grandmother didn’t know anyone was looking for her when she called a friend Saturday from her hotel in San Francisco.



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