VIDEO: Fairfield ‘glass house’ destroyed in North Bay Firestorm


FAIRFIELD (KRON) — One of the many recognizable Bay Area landmarks lost in the wildfires is the so-called “glass house” in Fairfield.

The huge hilltop home was lost in the Atlas Fire. Lots of people knew this home built in 2003 on the South Summit of the Twin Sisters Peaks.

There’s not much left except twisted metal and its concrete foundation. The glass house stood on Twin Sisters road in Fairfield, close to the border of Solano and Napa counties.

It was considered an architectural masterpiece built in 2003 at a cost of roughly $17 million.

Like so many other homes, it went up in flames late last week.

When you see it before the fire, you understand why it was so recognizable. It sat right on the top of the hill and had enormous glass walls and a hexagon shape.

Anyone who had a chance to get inside had stunning views of the area from every angle.

The home was spread across more than 13,000 square feet and included a helicopter pad.

The current owners bought it in 2012. They live in Texas and used the estate as a vacation home.

They say they’ll wait until the fires are completely extinguished and then will begin rebuilding, saying they’ll make it bigger and better than before.



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