VIDEO: Jarvis Winery damaged in North Bay Firestorm


NAPA COUNTY (KRON) — Life at the Jarvis Estate in Napa County is slowly but surely getting back to normal.

Much of the land there was burned up in the fires. The winery and vineyards are mostly intact.

The once sprawling hills surrounding the Jarvis estate were left blackened after flames ripped through it.

The property boasts 1,300 acres, and the president of Jarvis Winery, Will Jarvis, says about 70 percent of it burned, including equipment stationed near the back entrance.

“It experienced the worst damage because of the equipment that was staged outside that caught on fire,” Jarvis said. “You can see how it damaged the shot-creek walls as well as the concrete ground.”

The clean-up process has been taxing and meticulous.

In all, Will says the fire caused several hundred thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

But the winery rests in a 45,000-square foot cave facility, which suffered a lot of smoke damage, but inside, nothing burned.

Before the fire, Will says just 30 percent of the vineyards were harvested.

So now, crews are pulling grapes, washing some, and leaving some unwashed.

Then, they are pressing and tasting the product for comparison.

“We’re hoping that it wasn’t influenced by the smoke that flew into the cave, but time will tell. And, we’re hoping for the best,” Jarvis said.

The fermentation room still looks good.

Power and cellphone service is still out in this area where mandatory evacuations were lifted Wednesday.

But Jarvis says the lights are on thanks to generators, which is why you can see inside the barrel room, where the fermented wine is taken for aging.

“And its usually filled with barrels, or at least partially filled with barrels, but what we had to do in order to clean this room out was move everything out of the room, so that we could do a deep clean, and now, we’ve just started the process of moving barrels back into the room,” Jarvis said.

Although a barn was lost along with several expensive pieces of equipment, Jarvis said “this actually looks like it may be salvageable here.”

The vineyards were mostly untouched.

Will believes they acted as a natural fire break, seeing as some much of the land was scorched.



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