VIDEO: 2 students expelled after shocking display of racism at East Bay Catholic high school


HAYWARD (KRON) — A shocking display of racism at an East Bay high school leads to two students being expelled.

And now, parents are concerned.

It was a list of racial slurs–A to Z–mostly targeting one specific group.

On Thursday, KRON4 talked with the principal and parents of Moreau Catholic High School.

They tell KRON4 that on Monday, a student made a list of racial slurs. At least some of them were directed at African-Americans.

The student literally went down the alphabet and came up with a disparaging term that started with each letter. And then another student ended up reading some of the words aloud in a classroom.

The principal tells KRON4 the two students have been expelled. One of them was still at school yesterday.

And that is what some parents had a problem with. They felt like the school wasn’t taking action fast enough.

But the principal tells KRON4 they were going through a process with both students, one they have to follow when considering suspending or expelling students.

For the privacy of both students, who are minors, they were keeping the process confidential. And that made some parents and faculty feel that enough wasn’t being done.

But this happened Monday. On Thursday, both students were no longer attending school there.

KRON4 received this statement from the school:

Parents tell KRON4 they are shocked to hear this happening at this school in this day and age.

They say this is a well-respected school with a diverse student body.

But they tell KRON4 they are happy that the school took action.



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