VIDEO: Family finds treasures in ashes of burned down North Bay home

SONOMA COUNTY (KRON) — In the middle of the ruins left behind by the North Bay firestorm, a family found treasures that could have them on the road to recovery.

Coins, jewelry, and cash are a few things a Larkfield family found at the site of their burned down home Sunday.

Taking a look what’s left behind makes it easy to grasp how the Tubbs Fire is now the most destructive fire in California history.

So you can imagine how hard it’s been for Larkfield residents who are finally allowed back in, only to be torn away again.

It’s been more than two weeks since the Tubbs Fire ripped through this Larkfield neighborhood but the scent of burning destruction still lingers in the air.

This is the first chance for the Kinne family to see the damage up close.

“It’s really strange to see the neighborhood like it is,” John Kinne said. “You just never expect it.”

For more than 40 years they’ve called this corner on Chelsea Dive and Old Redwood Highway Road home.

But with home now only a memory, they’re clad in boots, knee pads, gloves and a mask to get through what little is left.

The three-hour window for their search has been grueling, carefully stepping through nails, memorabilia, and keepsakes, all charred and useless.

“But amid the rubble, suddenly an exciting discovery.

Thousands of dollars found rolled up in a can their father kept in a safe.

Some money to hold them over as they reminisce on what is now gone.

“We were joking on how the chimney looks nicer, it’s sort of got more light on it,” Kinne said.

So they rely on that light humor to keep them going in their darkest hour.

Then at 5:30 p.m. visiting time is over. The search is suspended and they’re forced to leave once again.



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