In Studio: Oakland Psychotherapist discusses how men can support ‘Me Too’ movement

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The outrage over sexual harassment is worldwide.

Among the responses has been a powerful social media message simply called “Me Too”: posts by women who say they have suffered sexual harassment.

Oakland Psychotherapist Dr. Will Courtnenay offered tips on how men can join the conversation to help women and change the culture.

Dr. Courtnenay is the  author of the book Dying To Be Men.

He says there is a problem in perception, that there’s a problem referring to sexual violence as a “women’s issue.”

That misses the critical point that nearly all of the perpetrators are men, and that sexual violence is a men’s issue.

Dr. Courtnenay says there is also a problem with language we use to frame this issue of sexual violence against women – or the way describe the issue – contributes to the problem.

Dr. Courtnenay concludes by saying this is a perfect time to begin the discussion that will help change the relationships between men and women and for men to recognize that it is up to them to accept responsibility for sexual harassment. And most importantly to work on ways to change the workplace culture.



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