VIDEO: Illegal party at San Francisco Airbnb ends in shooting


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — An illegal party at an Airbnb rental ended in a shooting, with witnesses telling KRON4 that people ran through yards and on roofs to get away from the bullets.

On Wednesday night, the shooting is putting a lot of people on edge.

And they are questioning if a delayed San Francisco law, which is set to start next year, could have stopped the violence.

A community meeting about the shooting took place on Wednesday night in the city’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.

The meeting wrapped up just before 8 p.m. Neighbors are just learning that a known gang rented the house for that party on their street. 

And when a rival gang found out about the house party, they came to cause trouble, according to police.

The infamous house at 212 Banks Street is vacant but quite the party took place on Saturday, Oct. 14.

The event got popular because it was promoted on social media. But it ended in violence when police say two rival gangs began shooting at one another.

Ann Golden lives next door and says cars drove up her street firing at random.

“Automatic gunfire broke out from the end the block,” Golden said. “My car got completely shot up but not my house.”

Bernal Heights neighbors alarmed by the violence came to this community meeting to question their elected officials and police.

The owner of 212 Banks is in Bali, according to city supervisor Hillary Ronen.

Since he doesn’t live at the home, renting it on sites like Airbnb for a weekend is in violation of the city short-term rental policy.

Also by Jan. 2018, all users must be registered with the city.

If the law was in place now, the result might have been different.

“This never would have happened because this absentee landlord could never have rented his home, in the middle of the quiet, family neighborhood, for parties,” Ronen said.

A few cars left parked on Banks Street are still wounded by bullet holes.

And neighbors say their roofs and yard were damaged when the dozens of people at the party ran from the gunfire. 

Airbnb tells KRON4, the host is now permanently removed from its platform. And its insurance program will reimburse neighbors for any property damage.

Still, Banks Street will never be the same.

“I wasn’t comfortable with it being rented out with nobody living in it,” Golden said. “There was no management of what was going on.”

Two people from the party were hurt in the shooting.

Police did apologize to neighbors because so many made calls to 911 about the loud party on their street and police did not respond.

The captain said dispatchers should have known better.

Here is the full Airbnb statement:


There have been over 200 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings and negative incidents are extremely rare. We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and upon learning of this incident, we permanently banned this guest from our platform and suspended the listing. Additionally, we have reached out to law enforcement to offer our assistance and are in contact with city officials. The overwhelming majority of Airbnb hosts and guests are good neighbors and respectful travelers, but when issues happen to arise, we work to make things right.

Regarding the neighbors that were impacted, we are currently working to support them under our Host Protection Insurance program which will cover property damage that resulted from this incident.”


Tips for Hosts


  • Set Requirements for Your Listing: Each and every person on Airbnb has a detailed profile page with information about themselves. In order to sign up for Airbnb, you must provide a full name, date of birth, photo, phone number, and email address. Hosts can choose to require that their guests provide Airbnb a government ID before booking their listing, which then requires you as a host to do so as well.


  • Get To Know Your Guest in Advance: On the Airbnb platform, we have a safe and easy way for hosts to get to know their prospective guest before confirming a reservation. Our secure messaging tool lets you ask each other questions, and set clear expectations for the stay.


  • Read Previous Community Reviews: You have our global community to rely on. If you’re curious what a previous host’s experience has been with a potential guest, all you need to do is check their reviews ahead of time. Both guests and hosts publicly review each other and only do so after the reservation is complete, so you know the feedback is informed and real.


  • If Anything Isn’t Right, Reach Out! In the rare event than an issue should arise, our Customer Service team is standing by 24/7 in 11 languages with rebooking assistance, refunds, reimbursements and/or insurance programs to help make things right if things don’t go as planned.


Trust and Safety is its own department with offices spanning the globe in San Francisco, Portland, Dublin, and Singapore. Our team is made up of engineers, 24/7 response agents, data scientists, product managers, designers, law-enforcement liaisons, crisis managers, and victim-advocacy specialists, in addition to policy, privacy, cybersecurity, insurance, and fraud experts—all working together to keep our community safe.

More on Safety


  • Risk Scoring: To prevent bad actors from ever accessing our platform in the first place, each and every Airbnb reservation is scored ahead of time for risk. We have a real-time detection system that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to instantly evaluate hundreds of signals to flag and then stop any suspicious activity. When we detect potentially concerning behavior, our team takes a range of actions, including removing a user from the platform entirely.


  • Background Checks and Watch Lists: We screen all hosts and guests globally against regulatory, terrorist, and sanctions watch lists. For all United States residents, we also run background checks looking for prior felony convictions, sex offender registrations, or significant misdemeanors. We are working with additional governments around the world to identify where we can do more background checks.


  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: Not only is your personal physical safety a priority but so is protecting your financial information. We take a number of measures to safeguard your Airbnb account, including using multi-factor authentication whenever a login is attempted from a new device.


  • Preventing Scams: Fake or misrepresented users and listings have no place in our community. These kind of scams are rare and we protect the community by deploying a multilayer defense strategy leveraging the latest in machine-learning technology. The good news is, all you need to do in order to protect yourself is to keep your communication and your payment on the platform at all times. As long as you do that, you won’t be scammed because we do not release that payment to the host until 24 hours after you are safely checked in. We’ve added new educational messaging to the platform to make sure everyone is aware.


  • Home Safety: We run home safety workshops with hosts and local fire services to equip our community with the latest advice from leading experts. We also give out free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to hosts and provide online safety cards containing important information —such as emergency phone numbers, locations of fire extinguishers, and fire alarms, as well as emergency exit routes—so guests know what to do if there is an emergency.


  • Detailed Profiles: Each and every person on Airbnb has a detailed profile page with information about themselves and their home. In order to sign up for Airbnb, you must provide us a full name, date of birth, photo, phone number, and email address. Hosts can also require that guests provide a government ID before booking their listing, and then the host in turn is required to do so as well.


  • Secure Messaging: Through the Airbnb platform, we also have a safe and easy way for guests and hosts to get to know each other directly before requesting or approving a reservation. Our secure on-platform messaging tool is there for both sides to ask each other questions before requesting or accepting a reservation and to set clear expectations — something we highly recommend doing. Additionally, our messaging tool helps hosts and guests stay in touch as needed throughout the trip to ensure everything goes well.


  • Reviews: Plus, you also have a global community to rely on. If you’re curious what previous guests have thought about your potential host or home or if you want to know what another host’s experience has been with a prospective guest, all you need to do is check their reviews. Guests and hosts publicly review each other and only do so after the reservation is complete, so you know the feedback is informed and real.


  • 24/7 Global Response & Assistance: In the rare event that any issue should arise, Airbnb’s global Customer Service and Trust and Safety teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 11 different languages to help make things right with rebooking assistance, as well as refunds, reimbursements, and insurance programs. If, for instance, you arrive at a listing and it’s not as advertised, all you need to do is reach out to our team and we are here to help.


  • Host Guarantee: Hosts can rest assured that they are protected by our Million Dollar Host Guarantee, which covers listings for up to $1,000,000 USD in damage — and it’s free for all hosts and every single booking.


  • Of our more than 30 million trips in 2016, significant property damage (claims reimbursed under our Host Guarantee program for over $1,000) was reported in only 0.009% of stays. At that rate, you could host a new reservation every single day for over 27 years without expecting to file a significant property damage claim under our Host Guarantee.


  • Insurance: Our Host Protection Insurance provides home sharing hosts with additional protection against third party claims of property damage or bodily injury up to $1,000,000 USD.
    Note: Only applicable in covered countries.



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