VIDEO: BART testing trains at future Milpitas station


MILPITAS (KRON) — It’s been five years since construction began on the BART extension from Fremont to San Jose, and now, trains are actually rolling along the tracks, undergoing a series of tests.

Two, three-car trains have been rolling back and forth along the recently completed extension from Fremont through Milpitas to San Jose.

But before the highly complex system is certified to carry human cargo, it must first be put through a series of test runs, says the VTA’s Brandi Childress.

“That means we are in a phase where we are testing all of the train’s movements,” Childress said. “We’ve finished with the static testing of signals. Now, we’ve got the trains on the tracks at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour testing all of the systems.”

The new BART stations at the Great Mall in Milpitas and the Berryessa Station in San Jose are all but finished now.

There were several months of what’s called the static testing of signals and other equipment.

So what will people see and hear now that trains are running along the tracks?

“People have been hearing construction for the past five years,” Childress said. “Now, it’s going to be a different noise, the operation of the trains. They’ll hear the electric motors and the wheels, but we’ve done a lot of mitigation to lessen the impact of the noise of the trains.”

That means the system is now fully electrified and VTA is reminding neighbors and pedestrians to heed warning signs posted along the tracks.

The testing is expected to continue for several months.

When it opens for business in June of next year, ridership is expected to be in the neighborhood of 23,000 riders a day.



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