VIDEO: Oakland cold case murder of musician solved; suspect killed in crash


OAKLAND (KRON) — It’s a major break in the murder investigation of an East Bay musician who was killed outside of a nightclub in Oakland two years ago.

Twenty-six-year-old Emilio Nevarez was tragically killed in 2015. And on Thursday, KRON4 is learning new information about his killer.

Oakland police made the announcement Thursday. And they are hoping it brings some relief to the Nevarez’s family.

Until recently, Nevarez’s death was among OPD’s unsolved murders.

However, after a two-year joint Oakland police and FBI investigation, a tip came in that they say solved the homicide case.

“This past Monday the district attorney’s office made a finding with the case, and they charged a man named Dejour Jamerson with the murder of Emilio,” Oakland police Sgt. Eric Milina said.

It was back in Apr. 2015 outside of the Golden Bull Bar on 14th Street in Oakland.

That is where Nevarez was picking up his musical equipment when he was struck by a stray bullet. 

Sgt. Milina says Jamerson was shooting at another person at the time.

“I would say it was a spontaneous argument and the investigation revealed that they were unknown to each other,” Milina said.

The joint Oakland police and FBI investigation centered around tips that came in about a month ago that pointed to Jamerson being the alleged shooter in the case.

However, when investigators tracked him down, they learned that the 24-year-old Jamerson died in a car collision while trying to outrun police in Placer County back in Nov. 2016.

“He was involved in a police pursuit not involved with this case,” Sgt. Milina said.

The FBI also helped with the case.

“You know we don’t have somebody that we can prosecute with this case,” FBI Special Agent John Bennett said. “The person is deceased now because he was running from cops on another case unrelated to this. However, it is something that we hope brings some sort of comfort to the family that we did not forget, nor will we, the victims here, and their families. They deserve the right to live in peace and that was shattered that night.”

Investigators say that they notified Nevarez’s family earlier this week about Jamerson’s being the alleged shooter in this case.

Police say Jamerson was 22 years old at the time of the shooting, was a resident of Oakland and Vallejo, and was known to Oakland police.



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