Virginia mother drops kids from burning apartment

VIRGINIA (KRON)–One Virginia mother found herself in the middle of an apartment fire and had to take a tremendous leap of faith to save her kids.

Jasmine Spencer dropped them from a second-story window, trusting strangers below to catch them.

As the fire tore through her neighbor’s apartment, smoke poured into her unit.

Inside Spencer’s apartment were her two children and her disabled mother. She ran to the window and started screaming for help.

“It was a crowd of people outside and they were just like drop the kids down, we’re going to catch them,” she said.

Spencer had no times to waste and realized dropping the kids out of the second story apartment was the best option to save their lives.

“My heart dropped because I mean, I’m putting my faith into other people’s hands…my children’s lives into other people’s hands…thank God they caught them, ” she said.

The children weren’t injured and firefighters rescued her mother.

Spencer managed to run down the stairs and outside to safety.



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