VIDEO: High-tech $130 fork claims it can mask slurping noises you make while eating ramen


(KRON/CNN) — As we get closer to the holiday season, more tech toys are coming out.

And this $130 fork will mask any slurping sounds you make while eating.

A Japanese company, known for making ramen noodles, came up with the idea.

The fork’s handle has a microphone that detects noisy, slurpy eating.

It then sends a signal to your smartphone, which plays a louder sound to drown out the slurping.

The company says they will only mass-produce the fork if they get 5,000 or more pre-orders by mid-December.

An ad says the fork will solve something they call “noodle harassment.”

Some aren’t convinced though. The tech group TNW even called the fork, the “dumbest gadget of 2017.”



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