Berkeley police need help ID’ing assault suspects during August protest

BERKELEY (KRON) — Berkeley police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects involved in fights at an August protest.

Police say several protest attendees were punched, kicked, and struck with improvised weapons.

This was back on Aug. 27 at Civic Center Park. Investigators say the suspects are believed to be responsible for several of those attacks.

One has a prominent tattoo.

The Sunday event was part of a weekend of “Free Speech” rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Police arrested 13 people that day.

Here is the full statement from police:

Help us identify suspects involved in fights at Civic Center Park on August 27, 2017, when several attendees were punched, kicked, and struck with improvised weapons.

The people pictured in this release are believed to be the persons responsible for several of these attacks.

Anyone with information regarding the identities of the suspects pictured here or their crimes are asked to contact the Berkeley Police Homicide Detail at 981-4794.

We remain committed to pursuing all investigative leads in an effort to secure justices for our victims.

We are grateful to those members of the community who provided us with the video footage which was used to capture these images but we still need your help. Tips and leads form the public have helped Berkeley Police identify and pursue warrants on other suspects. Through engaged community partnerships we will continue to facilitate the free expression of the First Amendment in an environment safe for all.

The Berkeley Police Department remains focused on protecting the peaceful expression of free speech, to include identifying and locating criminal behavior directed at those exercising their rights. BPD is committed to taking enforcement action when practical and appropriate, before, during and after events.



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