VIDEO: Arsonist targets Modesto costume shop, puts fire in mail slot


MODESTO (KTXL) — An arsonist lit something on fire and dropped it through the mail slot at a popular Modesto costume shop during the early morning hours after Halloween.

“Look around. What’s in here, it could have gone up very fast,” Daydreams & Nightmares owner Dana Walters said.

Walters can’t figure out if it was random, so soon after Halloween, or if her store was specifically targeted.

There was no real damage to the store or anything inside, but Walters left the pile of ash for investigators.

Surveillance video appears to show someone in a car outside seemingly watching everything happen.

“That’s scary. Thank God it went out,” Walters said. “The amount of stuff that I have in that hallway where he was at… of course, now I’m taking precautions.”

In addition to providing investigators with surveillance video and the ashes, Walters has sealed the mail slot.



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