VIDEO: Mobs of costumed teens rob people celebrating Halloween in Alameda


ALAMEDA (KRON) — A mob of teens robbed people celebrating Halloween on Tuesday in Alameda.

Investigators say the victims were out when they were confronted by mobs of teenagers, who took their personal property.

This past Halloween was used as a cover for mobs of teenage robbers targeting people celebrating the holiday in Alameda.

“It was unusual,” Alameda police Lt. Hoshmand Durani said. “We had about 50 to 60 kids on Park Street area business corridor, most wearing masks and Halloween-type costumes, and we had some robberies of cellphones and laptops.”

There were six reported robberies in the Park Street area. Some victims were in a Starbucks when they were robbed of their electronics.

A mob of teens was also spotted across town near Grand and Encinal.

Investigators say three robberies happened in this area while folks were out trick-or-treating, including a woman who had her purse snatched.

It was a little too scary of a Halloween for people in the quiet town

“I don’t think that’s right to just go in and take advantage of the holiday,” college student Simone Kuyjendall said. “People are scared to come out, trick or treat. There is kids around.”

Alameda resident Mike Lano said he remembers a better time.

“I can’t remember any problems on Halloween other than kids putting pumpkins out in the middle of the street, so you will accidentally run over them,” Lano said.

Durani said these crimes are rare on Halloween.

“Normally, we get the typical snatching of the bags and things of that nature but this was unusual,” Lt. Durani said.

At this point, Alameda police are not sure if it was more than one group of teens committing the robberies.

Investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area for any leads on possible suspects.



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