VIDEO: Santa Rosa Lucky’s supermarket reopens after North Bay Firestorm


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A Santa Rosa supermarket opened its doors on Friday after being closed since the fires.

Lucky’s supermarket is near the Fountaingrove neighborhood, one of the hardest hit areas.

Customers say they’re happy to have their neighborhood supermarket open after nearly a month.

They tell KRON4 it brings some normalcy back into an area that has been devastated by the fires.

So much around there was burned to the ground. But the supermarket itself was spared.

And on Wednesday, there was a small electrical fire inside the store. It broke out in one of its deli cases.

A passerby apparently noticed smoke and called 911. That fire damaged some groceries and merchandise inside the store.

And you can even still smell smoke in there. But it looks like the business is back and running. And customers are trickling back in.

KRON4 spoke with some of them and employees who say slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal.

“I’m happy it’s open,” resident Marie Marez said. “I’m really happy. And I am happy to see that it’s OK. And there are people in here. It’s convenient. It’s family oriented, and they are almost more than willing to help you find your groceries.”

Everyone KRON4 talked with says the community has really come together to help each other.

“I’ve worked here a little over five months now,” Eli Maulding said. “And it’s really great to see families coming in. And it’s really exciting to see everyone all happy that the store is open. I definitely think it made the community a lot stronger.”

The community is doing its best to stay strong.

“The people, they are really nice, and it’s really convenient,” Linda Faustino said. “I live over on Redwood Highway. Luckily, we weren’t touched, but just, this is like the closest one unless I go to Windsor. You know, so this is the closest Lucky’s, and I’ve always liked Lucky’s. I’m glad its back and I hope it stays.”



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