Bay Area television reporter robbed at Concord Costco

CONCORD (KRON)–A KTVU reporter was robbed at Costco in Concord Friday afternoon.

In a Facebook post, Claudine Wong shared how the crime happened.

She states that the incident happened at a Costco location on Monument Boulevard. Surveillance cameras captured Wong, who’s wearing a pink blouse, with a cart full of items and her purse situated at the top of the basket.

Shortly after exiting the store with her shopping cart and purse, she walked toward her car.

Wong said a dark-colored Honda with paper plates, pulled up behind her. She thought the driver was trying to get a parking spot.

“I looked up only to see the back of the person in the passenger seat leaning out of the window and grabbing my purse before speeding off,” she said in her post.

She briefly ran after the car, but later admitted that wasn’t smart decision.

Wong encourages shoppers to be vigilant around the holidays.




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