VIDEO: San Francisco police to have tasers by end of 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco police officers will be allowed to carry tasers once again by the end of next year.

This was decided in a close and controversial vote by the Police Commission on Friday.

KRON4’s Camila Bernal is in San Francisco this morning.

She says San Francisco is one of the only major U.S. cities where officers don’t carry tasers, and implementing them is not going to be cheap.

It’s estimated to cost the city between $3 million and $8 million depending on the number of officers trained to use them.

The Police Chief argues that tasers would be a good way to avoid deadly force.

He says these weapons would also protect officers because there is a lower chance of the officer suffering an injury. This would help avoid workers comp and medical bills.

Even though the union and the chief believe this is a less lethal option, opponents say this is a bad idea.

Their argument is that tasers can cause serious injury, or even death.

They also argue that the tasers could malfunction, putting everyone at risk.

The police commission’s vote to approving the use of tasers, will not be implemented until December 2018.



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