More Wells Fargo workers allege retaliation


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — New details are coming out about the numerous scandals involving Wells Fargo.

In a court filing, former employees are accusing the San Francisco-based bank of firing them after they attempted to call attention to what is being termed “Shady practices,” including setting up several million customer accounts without customer permission.

At least one of the claims against Wells Fargo is class action.

According to the bank, the plaintiffs are former employees who say that they “protested sales practice misconduct.”

Last year, several former Wells Fargo employees told CNN they were fired after reporting wrongdoing to the bank’s ethics hotline.

Documents show one employee alleged retaliation for raising concerns about automobile lending practices where customers were forced to buy insurance they did not need.

The filing also addresses incidents where the bank charged homebuyers to lock in mortgage rates.

Former bank mortgage employees claim they lost their jobs for expressing concerns about the improper fees.

Wells Fargo has apologized for the scandals and is facing a number of lawsuits.



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