VIDEO: Controversial Pacifica rent control measure pitting neighbors against neighbors


PACIFICA (KRON) — A controversial measure is pitting neighbors against neighbors, and in some cases, it is also getting violent.

The measure deals with rent control and what to do about a tight housing market.

This measure is really sparking some passionate debate. The city council voted to put Measure C on the ballot in May.

Now, with a vote set for Tuesday, both sides are pushing for people to take a stand.

The signs are everywhere–in front of homes, on businesses, and vehicles.

“Long-term members of our community, they were getting pushed out by dramatically increased rents,” said Scott Hage, who supports Measure C. “It’s important to have some stability in the community. People shouldn’t have to be forced out because somebody else can afford to pay triple what they can. There’s teachers, people of different income levels here, and we need to kind of take care of everybody I think.”

And on the other side is Cheryl Youse.

“Really takes away the rights of private property owners,” Youse said. “I don’t even have any rental real estate here in Pacifica, but I feel strongly that it’s really taken away that right to private land.”

According to an impartial analysis by the city attorney, Measure C would limit the amount a landlord may increase rents on certain rental units and impose restrictions on a landlord’s ability to evict tenants.

It would also prohibit landlords from terminating tenancies unless certain just cause conditions exist.

In addition, it would also establish a commission, which would be composed of seven members appointed by the city council which would adjudicate petitions for upward and downward adjustments in rent.

“I just feel pretty strongly that Measure C is not good for our community,” Youse said. “I think, inevitably, it will make rent prices even higher. Already, what’s happened, as soon as people started talking about, they were upping their rents because they’re afraid.”

Those against Measure C say they feel compassion for renters but feel there is a better solution, including building more affordable units in Pacifica.

Yet, residents like Hage says he feels this is important to help protect those who need it most.



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