CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Georgia high school teacher threatens to put bullet in student


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Georgia (KRON) — A high school teacher in Georgia was caught on camera telling a student he might be the one to put a bullet in his brain.

April Carr, the mother of the student, doesn’t believe physics teacher Paul Hagan is fit to teach his class.

She says her 17-year-old son was laughing while Hagan was teaching.

And instead of sending the student to the principal’s office, the teacher took matters into his own hands, threatening the teen.

“You screw with me, you’re going to be in big (bleeped out) trouble,” Hagan says in the video. “Don’t smile at me, man. That’s how people like you get shot. I got a bet. I bet by the time you’re 21 somebody got to put a bullet right in your head. OK. And it might be me the one who does it.”

The video has been posted on Facebook and viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The student’s mother has filed a police report on the incident and authorities are investigating.

The teacher is on administrative until further notice.



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