VIDEO: Rare disorder forces dog to eat in high chair to survive


GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WCMH) — A rare condition has a dog in Michigan, named Tink, to have to use a high chair to eat its food.

“She’s a Labrador retriever she fetches things in the water she plays Frisbee, she goes on walks, she licks people to death, she cuddles she does everything,” Tom Sullivan, Tink’s owner, said.

But Tink has a rare condition that causes her to have to eat out of a specially made high chair.

“When she was nine weeks old my brother had watched her, and she came home and one side of her stomach was flat,and the other one was distended and that’s when the emergency vet had told us maybe this is megaesophagus,” said Tink’s mom Cori Sullivan.

Megaesophagus means Tink’s food can’t make it to her stomach, unless she’s sitting up. So that’s why her family got her a high chair.

And just like a baby, it takes a lot of work. There’s feeding Tink, then burping her, and making sure there’s no food stuck in her esophagus.

The Sullivans, however, don’t mind the extra work. “Not knowing if we could care for her or even not knowing if we were going to euthanize, I cried for at least 4 days straight trying to figure out what was going to happen and how much money we were going to put into her, but every penny has been worth it, I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said Cori.



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