Rep. Eshoo: ‘Shame on Congress’ for lack of action on gun control

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — South Bay Congresswoman Anna Eshoo shared her frustration and anger with KRON4 Tuesday about how the fight for tougher gun laws isn’t going anywhere.

Rep. Eshoo spoke with KRON4’s Catherine Heenan on the heels of yet another mass shooting.

This time, 26 people were shot and killed in a Texas church on Sunday, making it the deadliest shooting in the state’s history.

“I think shame on Congress. Shame on Congress. You know what Congress does every time this happens? When we come to the floor to vote, and one of these massacres has taken place, the speaker says we’re going to have a moment of silence. Everyone bows their head. You don’t even have time to say an ‘our father’ to yourself silently. The gavel goes down – the house is dismissed,” Rep. Eshoo said.

“I think you can hear my frustration and even a form of disgust. Because we can do something about this. We can really bring the numbers down. Can we resolve every single case? No. But isn’t it worth saving the majority of lives being taken every single day in our country? Of course it is, of course, it is.”

When it comes to gun advocates using the argument that the gunman was stopped by a civilian with a gun, Rep. Eshoo said that’s like the equivalent to ‘guns don’t kill people – people do.’

“This is not about a contest for the best bumper sticker,” Rep Eshoo said.

Rep. Eshoo said she believed that after the school shooting at Sandy Hook in 2012, Congress would ‘have’ to do something radical about gun control.

It didn’t happen. And now, in the aftermath of the shooting Texas, she’s more frustrated than ever.

The Bay Area Congresswoman is also calling the tax overhaul proposed by House Republicans, a “bad bill.”

She argues that it would hurt thousands of constituents.

“It’s going to raise their taxes,” Rep. Eshoo said. “It’s going to raise their taxes! So there’s a lot of funny math in this proposal. The mortgage interest deduction has been brought down to a very low level, which affects all Californians – not just my congressional district but certainly mine as well. The elimination of the deduction of interest paid on student loans. This is a bad bill. And it almost takes my breath away that they would have structured it the way they have. But make no mistake about it. I have in my congressional district alone 200-thousand constituents that make use of the deductibility of state and local taxes. And they’re wiping that out.”



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